Monday, February 27, 2012

The Homestretch: Quite The Waiting Game

Here we are at 39 weeks pregnant and I am over the moon excited to know that I will be meeting my son shortly. Excited is just one of my feelings on the matter. This whole thing is weirder than I thought it would be. Definitely NOT what I expected. I had this idea in my head that once this time finally came I would be so uncomfortable and anxious to be done that I would be annoyed every second of the day. I thought I would be upset every morning when I realized that I was still pregnant and not in labor. I also didn't realize that not only would it be a waiting game but a guessing game as well. Is labor one of those thing where you "just know"? I thought so but from asking around, every woman really is different.

Saturday night I was pretty sure we were about to get this party started. I started having regularish contractions and even started timing them. They weren't extremely painful which is the only reason that made me think it could be a false alarm. Even so, these somewhat regular contractions lasted hours. Even into the night and straight through the next morning. Weird right? The few women I told about it said, "why didn't you go to the hospital?!". Well ladies, it's Monday and there is no baby in sight so I guess I was right in staying home... wouldn't you say?

Snapshot of my contractions

Right now my husband and I are in a constant state of "is this it?". I'll take every bit of advice and since I am patiently awaiting the real thing, I would love to read some of your stories on how you "just  knew" or didn't know right away. Humor me. Educate me. I'll take whatever I can get right now cause frankly, I'm kinda bored and getting tired of this guessing game. Note: I am not tired of waiting it out just yet, just the guessing part.

Also I don't think I ever updated you on my progress... I was last checked on Thursday the 16th and was told that I was.... drumroll please... 75% effaced. Some thought I would go into labor that weekend because of the progress but that obviously did not happen. I don't mind one bit because since then, we have finished the nursery (woop woop), finished our birth plan, put the hospital bags in the car and have been enjoying the time we have left with just the two of us.


  1. Waiting at the end is horrible. With my son I went 5 days late (and this was after being on bed rest from week 17 because of contractions...). For me, both times, labor started some what similar. My water broke, however I didn't go into labor. It took about 12 hours or so before I finally went into labor, and those 12 hours were just random contractions and a long waiting period. Then my body goes nuts and starts contracting like mad. Things move quickly from there.

    I would say that most women know when it is the real thing. Either way it will be an experience you will never forget!

    1. I really hope i don't go too late because my aunt is flying in from new York to be here for the big day. She goes back march 7th so that would really stink. Not that I have any control over that though.

  2. OMG there's an app for this?! awesome.

  3. I was 90% effaced for 2 WEEKS STRAIGHT!! Ugh I hated the waiting game, I was total opposite of you so hurray for your patience :-) I never had any false labor experiences, but I did spend an entire like 12 hours experiencing contractions before I realized it was actually the real thing. By the time I got to my doctor I was 5 cm and had him like 7 hours later. When it's time, you really will know :-) Soooo excited to hear news of Cruze's arrival!

    1. Wow! 90% effaced for 2 weeks?! When I heard I was 75% I thought I would be done within the week lol. I guess I was wrong.


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