Monday, February 27, 2012

Motorola Video Frame/Baby Monitor: Almost Perfect

I was thrilled when I saw this last week at target. My brother had been telling me to check it out. It's a video frame that also doubles as a baby monitor. I didn't look into it right away because we already had a monitor. Actually, he's the one who bought it for us. But last week while I was at target with a friend who was looking for a monitor of her own I thought it was worth a minute or two to see what he was talking about.

Motorola MVF 700 7" Video Frame and DECT camera

I understood the second I looked at it. It's beautiful. As beautiful as a baby monitor can get right? It's sleek, modern and has multiple purposes. The best part? The price was reduced from $150 to $99!!!! That was all I needed to convince me.

The next day the hubby and I went to target and bought the beautiful monitor. We were going to return the other one (more than double the price) at Babies R Us and use the store credit for other baby items (hey, it was my brothers idea!). The plan seemed perfect. Key word - seemed.

While I LOVE the concept and design it's lacking some important features. The camera doesn't angle down the way other baby monitor cameras do. So we can't get the perfect view of the crib. The actual live video stream only shows up on a tiny portion of the screen and, in the dark, the image is a tad grainy.

It was a tough call to make. Keep the sleek n sexy monitor (yes, you read that right) or make the right decision and stick with the bulky white, more expensive one... Well back to Target it went. ::tears::

It was a tough call indeed but in the end we knew that the most important thing was being able to actually see our baby when he is in his own crib, in his own room (if that ever happens).


  1. Oh! This is awesome. I really want at video baby monitor but i felt guilty about putting something so expensive on my registry. Maybe i could get a web cam and have the feed sent to my iphone. that'd be fantastic.


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