Thursday, February 9, 2012

Pregnancy Update: 36 weeks

I had my OB appointment today and to my surprise, she said I'm 1.5-2 centimeters dilated and 30% effaced. Whoah mama! I know this doesn't mean a whole lot since it can still be weeks before any real action starts but to hear the progress was crazy.

My schedule at work is down to two days a week. This was supposed to be my last week but since I'm feeling sooo good I decided to continue at least a few weeks longer. I relaxed and got some important baby things done Monday and Tuesday so by Wednesday I was ready to be at work. I'm off today and work again tomorrow. This is my perfect schedule for now.


I have been feeling super good this week. My backpain is way better than it was before. I'm not sure what has changed. The baby's position must have a lot to do with it. I've been very emotional (on and off) which doesn't bother me too much but I'm pretty sure Phillip has different thoughts on the matter. I have had minor swelling in my feet and enough swelling in my fingers that I have officially retired my wedding rings. It's funny how differently people respond to me without a wedding ring. Especially older people. Sometimes I just feel like yelling out, "I'm married, chill out!".

Weight Gain:

Here it is... I've gained 37 pounds. Ouch! At this point I'm so over freaking out about my weight every day. So that's my weight gain, and I don't care. I say this today but tomorrow I might feel different.

My Baby Boy:

His movement has slowed down but when he moves, oh boy do I feel it! Last Tuesday we were really worried about his movement. He hadn't moved much for 2 days so I called my doctors office and they sent me to the hospital to get checked out. After all that worrying, he started moving the second the nurse started getting me set up with the monitors. Figures. Not only did he start moving but it felt like he was doing karate moves in there! Haha

Other thoughts:

Noone told me how painful and uncomfortable it would be to get my cervix checked. That was a nice surprise (sense the sarcasm).

I feel like I'm quickly running out of time to finish the nursery. I have most of the important items but I still need a rocking chair, changing pad, picture frames etc. Okay, picture frames are not a must but I would like to feel like his nursery is done and those last decorative details will help me accomplish that.

All of his clothes are washed and put away. I need to buy baby hangers asap to get everything in the closet because at this moment they are all in his dresser.

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  1. some of that is water weight and a lot will come right off! You look great and dont worry because even though they say 25lbs ish 37 still isnt that bad! compared to 60! :-)

  2. sorry the relevance of 60 is that is a common number i hear from friends

  3. I like comparing my weight gain to 60 lbs haha. It makes me feel better about how much I've put on. My friend lost 22 lbs right after having her baby. Granted, her baby was 10 lbs but still. Gives me hope. Thanks for the comment!


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