Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Let's be honest here

1. It took me about four five hours to do a one hour long pilates video today... but i did it ::pats self on back::

2. I'm trying to watch my calorie intake. That's the best way I know how to lose weight. Today for lunch I had frosted flakes. What?! It fit into my calorie limit

3. Sometimes I get excited when my baby falls asleep [guilty sigh]. But I get wayyy more excited everytime he wakes up. Those smiles are to die for.

4. I'm going crazy with this whole staying at home thing. Not to be confused with the stay-at-home mom thing. The "your baby should be home for the first two - three months" thing. I want to go to the friggin mall and bring him INSIDE with me! I want to walk the aisles of target without a blanket smothering his face and running because I'm scared he'll catch something at too young of an age.

5. I'm also going crazy with people telling me to get over myself and expose him to more people AND germs for his own good. "You're doing it all wrong" said one lady to my husband after she asked why I wasn't out with him at this crowded event. I'm sorry but, which med school did you graduate from? Your advice? If I didn't ask for it - SAVE IT.

6. Pajama pants. I'm finally starting to get you. I'm not going to cave. I just CANNOT do that but, I get you. I really really do.

7. I miss my husband ALL. DAY. LONG but something happens when the clock strikes five. I know he's on his way home and I cringe at the idea that I should have something to show for the day. What? A baby that's fed, burped and clean isn't hard work? I beg to differ. But QUICK! Throw some laundry into the washer!

8. My eyebrows? YUCK! Note to self: let's work on that.

9. And my toes? d-i-t-o

10. I'm all for having the in-laws over so that they get their time in with the little one but seriously. Ask me what his exact sleep schedule is or if I've bathed him yet today ONE. MORE. TIME and I just might snap.

11. What was that? You want to visit me and see the baby for the first time? That's sweet but here's an idea, CALL FIRST. Because guess what? I'm not fully clothed and/or presentable 100% of the time. I appreciate the effort and thoughtfullness but really. CALL FIRST. It's in everone's best interest. I promise you this.

Disclosure: This post turned out to be way more complainy than I intended. Despite what you might be picturing, I didn't write it with an evil face and tense shoulders as I burned holes into my computer with my eyes. I'm actually quite content right now. And getting all of that out? Feels kinda nice.


  1. I love you! I get it, it's how I feels about pregnancy right now!

    1. Lol except you have a better excuse than me haha

  2. We went out some with adoration when she was itty bitty just cause I couldn't take it anymore! But when we went out I had her in her moby carrier so she was all snuggled against me and nobody could touch her or breathe in her face or get too close. . So if you need a sanity outing I would def. recommend going that route! We went to a coffee shop during some slow hours and sat outside our first outing. It worked wonders for my soul!

    1. I think that's great advice. I need to get out for sure. I'll be sure to bring my moby too!

  3. It's only been a month and a half since little Cruze came into this world right? You're breastfeeding, give the weight loss some time. You burn 500 calories a day just by sitting there and staring at that precious face nourishing itself. I didn't start noticing weight loss until the third or fourth month. Hang in there and be careful with counting those calories, just eat healthy. You are gorgeous and you made one irresistible boy.

  4. Aw sweet words. Thank u so much for this comment :)


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