Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Letter To Cruze


Dear Sweet Cruze,

Oh baby, where should I start? I cannot believe you will be one month old tomorrow! This month really did fly by. You have grown so much already and I like to think that your daddy and I have grown quite a bit too. We’ve learned a lot this month. We’ve learned how you like to be held, what your little grunts mean and that you absolutely adore your daddy. It melts my heart to see your face light up for him when he starts talking. I’ve waited for that moment for so long. You’ve done so much good for us already. Just when I didn’t think I could love your father any more, you come along and prove me wrong. I fall in love with him every time he holds you and talks to you. Every time he changes your diaper or calls to check up on you. I love him more because of how he loves you. He beams with a pride that is so far beyond words. My heart explodes for you two and I know my love can only grow. You are my little angel. You have us wrapped so tightly around your sweet fingers and we love it. I love being the person you find comfort in. I hope that never changes. I hope you grow up knowing how much we adore you. How much we would give up for you. You are our little prince and we are your parents forever. Thank you for teaching us more fully what true love is.

Love Forever and Ever,

Your Mommy


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