Monday, April 2, 2012

Our Sleeping Beauty

My little boy is such a great sleeper. He wakes up to feed and that's about it. This doesn't mean he doesn't have Phillip and I up at all sorts of crazy hours but that's just a new parent thing. Every noise warrants our attention.

Last night, Cruze was grunting. Yes grunting. He loves to grunt. He grunts when he's happy, sad, sleepy, SLEEPING, pooping... you get the idea. He grunts ALL THE TIME. Well last night he was grunting a little louder than usual. Phillip picked him up to try to rock him into a deeper sleep (at least that's what I think he was doing) and then laid him on our bed for a quick second when.... Cruze got super quiet and completely knocked out.

Well we've come to realize that Senor Cruze loves mommy and daddy's bed. Not a co-sleeper but he likes to actually feel the bed under him. This morning I tried it out again. When he was sleepy but not sleeping I laid him down on the bed. His eyes were open until.... he felt the bed under him. He quickly drifted off into dreamland. Two things crossed my mind. The first thing is that it reminded me of when I was younger and how nothing felt quite as good as my parents bed, especially if I was sick. The second thing was, let's not create any habits here! We don't need him attached to our mattress. I'm way to afraid of rolling over him in the middle of the night!

So tonight I did the unthinkable.... I put him... In his own crib. IN HIS OWN ROOM! And turns out, HE LOVES HIS MATTRESS TOO! This does not mean he will be spending his nights in his room just yet. There is no way in the world his daddy and I can handle that. NO WAY. But for naps? It's perfect.

Guess who's inside that crib....

Why it's Cruze of course!

And my heart is actually breaking as I type this because I miss him SO much. I can't wait for him to wake up so I can scoop him into my arms, feed him and take him to our room. Crazy right?


  1. OMG I so could have written this post! :) First off, my baby girl grunts ALL THE TIME! I guess I never spent enough time around brand new babies to know that they grunt so much. Also, my baby sleeps way better when I put her directly on my bed instead of the sleeper we have, AND she sleeps well in her crib too, but I can only put her there for naps because there is no way I'd be able to sleep at night if she wasn't in the room with us. I think when we finally transition her to her crib it will be harder on me than her! :-)

  2. Yes! You're like my mama twin. Does that make sense? Lol

  3. He is so sweet!!! So funny about the grunting, you don't realize, until you're around newborns, how much noise they make... not so much crying, but grunts and snorts and squeaks... adorable!

  4. He is so cute and no it's not crazy. You love your little fella so much and it shows!


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