Friday, April 13, 2012

Online Deals!!!

I'm at it again. Online shopping and of course I have to share some of the deals. Like this one.

Cloud b Twilight Constellation Night Light

I received this as a gift at my first baby shower and it is hands down my husbands fave item. I love it too. In fact, for the first few weeks we had it, every time we had guests we would bring them into the nursery, shut the lights off (getting weird enough for you yet?) and turn on this Cloud B Turtle Nightlight. It's puts stars all of the room. So cute! It's pretty awesome and I'm sure Mr. Cruze is going to LOVE it as much as we do (or more!) .

It's $24 on HauteLook which is a great price considering it's normally $33! They also have other Cloud B products on sale.

Next up: GET. EXCITED. For Zulily because they have this phil & teds stroller on sale now for $200 off the regular price. TWO HUNDRED DOLLARS OFF! I love it because it's great for one kid or two. So if you have one child and know you are going to add to the family, it's worth buying now so you don't have to upgrade to a double later. And of course you can rock it even if you don't plan on more babies because it's awesome.

Seriously, these sites are the bomb. Especially if you like good quality items for a great deal. Talk about value! So click on them links and check them out. It's FREE to join!


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