Friday, May 11, 2012

2 Month Update


Oh baby. You are two months old and it is going by WAY. TOO. FAST. I love you so much! Every morning I wake up I am so grateful to have you in my life. You have such a personality already. Daddy jokes that I should have taken less prenatals while I was pregnant because you are way too smart. If there is one thing everyone one who meets you can agree on is that you are beyond alert for your age.

You love your daddy so much and this melts my heart. When he talks you stop to find where he is. He makes you smile and laugh like no one else. You are his heart and mine too. We are really getting this whole family thing down. We started leaving the house more recently and although it was nerve wrecking at first, it feels so great. I love getting in the car and heading to dinner as a family. Sometimes it feels too good to be true, almost like we're playing house.

Some new things you are doing:

When I hold you upright against my chest (in an effort to put you to sleep) you stretch your tiny neck so long and balance your head to see what's behind me. You are tired but all you want to do is check out the world around you.

You fight your sleep! This has been a tough one. You were a great sleeper from the start but something happened a few weeks ago. Your sleep has been off and that means mine is too.

You throw yourself at us. When other people hold you (which isn't often) you are starting to make it known that all you want is mommy or daddy. You either whine or move towards us. This is selfish of me but I LOVE THAT.

You are getting better at tummy time. You still don't love it but you tolerate it better and like to look at the toys around you.

You kick your feet like crazy! Maybe you'll be a little soccer player like your daddy? I'm not sure how I feel about this. A few weeks ago you were kicking your legs so much that one leg got caught through one of the slots in your cradle. You were right next to our bed so your daddy jumped up the very second you started screaming. This was a very scary moment for us and our hearts were crushed for your pain.

You are such a little smiler. You make our day (everyday!) with your sweet smiles and laughter. You are so happy and your giggles melt us. Seriously, you have us right where you want us. We are suckers for you baby and we're not afraid to admit it.


As of your 2 month appointment last week you weigh 12 pounds 13 ounces and are 23 3/4 inches long! You are getting big so fast. You wear anything from 3 to 6 months and you have such long feet!

Length - 87%
Weight - 71%
HEAD - 93%!!!! I had my suspicions but this proved it. You have quite the noggin!





With each passing day we fall more in love with you. We are so looking forward to watching you grow while trying to hold on to every ounce of baby that we can.


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