Friday, June 1, 2012

Two Things That Make Me Sick

There are two topics I've debated on whether I should blog about or not. The first is the news story of the little boy who was put into a washing machine at a laundry mat. Since it is quite disturbing, I didn't know what to say about it. My husband told me about it when the story first surfaced and the thought sickened me. How could anyone put their own child in a washing machine? Have they not heard about the mother who had to take her child off life support after he climbed into the washing machine while she stepped away for just a moment? As a parent, don't you try to protect your children in every way possible? Am I the only person who thinks worst case scenario for everything and because of this, avoids stupid actions like STICKING MY KID IN A WASHING MACHINE?! I think not.

Well against my better judgment I had him play the video of the incident at the laundromat. THE WORST IDEA EVERRRRR! I cried. A LOT. I cried off and on for the next hour or two. That night I was up at 3 am with the worst feeling in my belly. What if I let someone babysit Cruze? What if they thought it would be funny to stick him in a machine? What if that was my baby in there? What about that little boy? He must have been terrified. UGH. Here go the waterworks again.

Now I know that it wasn't his parents who stuck him in there but a babysitters friend. While I'm relieved to learn that it wasn't his parents (to some extent) I'm still sickened and saddened at the thought that anyone could do that to a child WHETHER THEY THOUGHT THE MACHINE WOULD LOCK OR NOT.

Come on people. THINK!

So that's the first topic. The second?

FEAR.  I am in a constant state of fear when I take my son out of the house. Fear to the point of being a little crazy. If I'm around people and I hear so much as a sneeze, the worst thoughts cross my mind. MY CHILD MIGHT GET SICK! What if it's the flu? What if they have whooping cough?! Have you seen the commercials?! Babies can die from it. I know, I know. Not all babies actually do but the thought TERRIFIES me. I'm scared to eat at a restaurant. When I go to the mall, I pause outside every store to examine the people inside. I'm living in fear and it's not fun. When will it end? When will the need to have everyone wash their hands before touching him stop? Am I the only parent who is this crazy?

So there it is. The two topics that have been on my mind. The things that have kept me up at night...


  1. No... I go through the same thing. I am still pregnant with our first, but anytime someone sneezes around me or does anything like that I am like um hello do you know what can happen to a pregnant woman who gets sick??? Does no one care about me or my childs safety? I know it is so crazy but it does make me think that to some people this world is just theirs and they dont want to share it with anyone or make it easier on anyone.

    1. Yup. Thats exactly how I felt too while I was preggo. And please dont feel bad about it. You are protecting something so precious. I think people just don't realize the dangers of getting a pregnant women or a baby sick.

  2. I gave up on putting my daughter in a bubble when I saw her sucking on our kitchen floor. That was the moment I threw up my hands and said it's a lost cause. I still try my darndest to wipe down things she comes in contact with, you should see me frantically sanitizing public restrooms now that we are getting into potty training (public restrooms + potty training = horrific nightmares!). You can only shield those curious munchkins so much. Everything, and I mean everything, is meant to be touched, licked, and explored to them. Your fear will ease with time.

    1. That first sentence made me laugh so hard! I'm sure it will ease too. Thanks for your comment :)

  3. I was so worried about my daughter getting sick, and myself getting sick during pregnancy. But then she did get sick, and survived, and it was okay. I had my son when she was 11.5 months and had just started daycare. We all got the flu when he was 2.5 weeks old. And it was okay. It is always difficult when they get sick, but they are eventually going to get sick, and it is okay. It helps build their immune system.

    Even now every time the get sick I worry, but I try to remember that our bodies are stronger than we give them credit for. I am now pregnant with my third, have had water posioning, food posioning, the flu 3 times and 2 bladder infections (and I still have 3 months to go!). Baby is still doing well in there. Complications really are rare, they are just the stories that make the news, so they seem more prevalent than they really are.

    And now I am writing a book.... my point: You will always worry, but it will ease :)

    1. Wow! I can't imagine how hard that must have been. This comment is actually quite comforting. Thanks!!


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