Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Baby Boy Style

I have been getting a ton of questions about how formula feeding is going with our little one. I'm happy to report that it has been GREAT. SO much better than I ever could have expected. So good in fact, that Cruze went from moving DOWN in size to 3 month clothing to growing completely out of all of his 3-6 sizes. Last week I was talking to a friend about how he will soon be needing to wear a larger size when I looked down at him and realized that the time was now. His little outfit was practically cutting into his neck!

I hated seeing that. Poor boy. I decided quickly that we needed to make additions to his wardrobe and FAST. Daddy agreed so guess what we've been up to?? Yup! Shopping. When I was pregnant I barely bought him clothes because I wanted to spend our money on the big items since I assumed most people would be gifting us with the smaller things... like clothes. Boy was I wrong. In a good way. We have been so blessed. We didn't have to buy ONE big item. And if we did, we had money from family ::cough cough mom:: to go towards it.

But now? We are low on clothes. I was always that girl who wanted a family. The girl who would go into all the cute baby stores and say "when I have a baby I'm going to dress him/her like THIS". Now that I have a baby I don't want this stage to pass before I get to dress him the way I always imagined. So if it means I have to go without to style my boy like a stud, that's exactly what I'm going to do!

Moving on... Here are some of the new additions to my little man's closet.


Pinned Image

Janie and Jack... Who loves this store?! I DO I DO! And seriously... HOW ADORBS is this little sailor getup?

Ralph Lauren for babies? Stop it. This is too much cuteness.

These are just a few of my faves. And you're welcome Phillip because all of the above was on sale. You know how I do.

I'm always on the hunt for new stores that offer adorable style for Cruze so if you know of any places, do share!


  1. Oh my goodness I looooove baby Gap. My absolute fav. Glad we've got ourselves some little stud mini muffins ;-)

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