Tuesday, July 17, 2012

4 Month Update

Yes I know. I'm almost two weeks late on this update but we have been BUSY. I did however manage to snap photos of Cruze the day he turned 4 months so that all of his update pics are accurate. It's crazy because he looks a little different now from just two weeks ago.


This is a FUN age. Cruze is really getting the hang of a lot of things. Napping WELL, sleeping through the night (90% of the time), holding his toys, rolling over (and over), trying to push himself forward and on and on. One of my favorite things is that he nows hugs us when we hold him. He gets sooo excited to see mommy and daddy, we are his whole world right now. He's becoming way more vocal and making it clear when he does not like something.

Length: 25 inches or 90 something percent (I can't remember the exact number)

Weight: 15 lbs or 42%

Size: 3-6 months with some 6 month items


It's clear he's growing well but his weight actually dipped a little which is one of the things that helped our decision to switch to formula. Since then (it's been less than a week) he's filled in more and his cheeks have gotten a lot rosier. While it was a very difficult decision to switch over, I am sooo happy we did because Cruze seems better. He sleeps better, is happier when he's awake AND atually has a full diaper in the morning. Before? He would barely wet his diaper. That says something.


Things he loves:

his jumper
sitting up (with help)
SOPHIE the girraffe
playing airplanes with daddy (daddy's hands)
And of course... ME lol


Thank you for reading my blog! I love love love reading your comments. They really do make my day!

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