Wednesday, July 4, 2012

The way he sleeps

Air. It's a good thing right?? Like, it's how we LIVE. Yet somehow along the way, Cruze never quite learned that. Apparently he thinks it's not so neccessary. You see, he likes to smother himself. With a blanket, with our arms, and the scariest one yet... WITH HIS MATTRESS! Do you get why that would be so scary? Because that is where he sleeps. That is where he is sleeping while we are sleeping.

Since he mastered the art of rolling over (and over and over) he refuses to stay put in his crib. Yes. Back to sleep is best but two seconds after putting that boy down he is already flipped to his belly. The first time he did this we panicked but then we realized it wasn't such a big deal until..... HE STARTED SMOOSHING HIS FACE INTO THE MATTRESS. And we're not talking a few seconds of smooshing. Like he starts and doesn't want it any other way type of smooshing. So needless to say that although Cruze is for the most part sleeping through the night (AFTER A TON OF TRIAL AND ERROR) we are not. How can we when our son is on a mission to cut off his oxygen?! Yes, we are on standby at all hours of the night making sure our sons head is positioned in a way that allows him to breathe.

PROOF via my iphone

Ah, the joys of motherhood. While they are indeed many, whoah mama, there comes a ton of worrying with it.


  1. You should get a motion breathing sensor. An alarm will sound if his breathing stops. My sister has this and swears by it. It would give you so much peace at night!

    1. Thanks! We looked into it after I read your comment. ;)

  2. What's the deal with these babies? Mine has to pull the covers over her head!

    1. I think they like to Get our hearts racing haha

  3. My friend told me the only way they could get their son to sleep was on his belly. The doctor actually advised them to do this and she said she would have flipped on anyone for letting their child sleep on their tummy but now that she has gone through it she says it wasnt so bad. It was the only way that worked! Obviously she was like you guys and monitored the heck out of him! haha

    1. That's good to know! Maybe with time we can stop sleeping with one eye open.

  4. My aunt of seven children eased my nerves slightly when she told me that once they are strong enough to roll over they are safer. Think about it, now if they sense they are running out of oxygen they can move to get more when before they couldn't. Don't know the research behind that but it made sense and made me feel better. Now I worry about where I'll find my child in the morning. We've moved to a big girl bed and I went in to check on her one night only to find an empty bed . . . and room. Just when I was about to have a heart attack and yell for my husband I saw her little leg sticking out from under the bed. Every nights an adventure.

    1. Ha! An adventure indeed. This comment made me laugh out loud. :)

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