Tuesday, August 14, 2012

#194 That's me!

Oh Top Baby Blogs... Where should I begin? When I first started blogging, I found topbabyblogs.com and at that moment made it my goal to land a spot on it (I know I know, it's not like it's hard to do). Well I finally qualified and then? Then I became obsessed with it. Asking my readers to vote, checking my ranking CONSTANTLY and getting all worked up when I remained in the higher pages (higher = not so good). I started to get more votes when.... the thing reset! This happens every three months to give everyone a fair chance to get to the top.

Anywho, I have had a love hate relationship with TBB and last reset I decided I wasn't going to ask for votes, I would stop checking my place and just like that the stress of climbing up the ladder was done.

Well today I decided to take a look at TBB to find this (below). Yes I only have 39 votes but MAN was I excited to see that ANYONE even voted for me especially when I didn't promote it on my blog (other than the button that is always there).

Oh and did you read my little bio there? There is NO giveaway going on now. Homegirl needs to change that.


  1. I gave up on trying to solicit votes too. It always made me feel... dirty? lol. I've given you the occasional vote, though. ;)

  2. Haha yeah, kinda like politicians. And we all know how dirty they can be lol. Thanks for the votes though. I'll take anything I can get ;)


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