Wednesday, August 15, 2012

HOUZZ! My inspiration for a new home

The time has come. We are officially house hunting so OF COURSE, now is the time for me to think about my wants, my like and dislikes and well... DREAM. Because let's get real. There is no way on earth I am able to afford the things I REALLY REALLY want. But yes, a girl can dream.

And dreaming is all too easy with HOUZZ. If you haven't heard of it you're missing out (as I was just until a few days ago). You can browse endless pics of gorgeous rooms for inspiration and again, day dream.

Let's start off with the Bedroom. I made a promise to myself that THIS time around it will be all about the bedroom. MY BEDROOM. I'm so sick of not having that perfect room to cozy up in. We have moved way too many times in the four years we've been married and now it's time to settle down, hang up ALL the artwork and pictures I want to and buy the furniture that fits us. This goes for the entire home, not just our bedroom.

So how gorgeous are these rooms?! So warm and inviting and the bed in that second photo? It's pretty much saying "come here to me". Am I right?? Oh how I wish I could do just that... moving on

 Simply Perfect.
Okay, who wouldn't wanna do laundry in this room? It's always clean and the hampers are ALWAYS empty! Haha
Beauty and the Beast anyone? Am I the only person who would fantasize about one day have her own book shelf that she could glide across? I think not.
I really love this living room because it seems very doable and within reach.

What do you think? You HAVE to check out to make your own ideabooks and if you do, check me out. I'm not sure how it works yet.. can you follow people? If so, follow me and I'll follow back!

Eliza. OUT.

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  1. I want a whole room with those shelves so I can ride my ladder around it and have hundreds of books! I'm a dork, but I've always wanted a library like in Beauty and the Beast.


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