Thursday, August 16, 2012

Wee Bit Wednesday... and a funny story

BAHAHAHAHA! Funny story. So yes I realize it's not Wednesday but I want to start doing more link-ups for fun and found this one. As I'm finishing up my answers I realize, the date on her post is August 23rd. The detective that I am (sarcasm) decides to look closer when I see that it's from 2011! 2011!

But hey, I put the work in so I'm going to post it anyway. And now? You know a little more about me. HA!

{one} what's your guilty pleasure tv show?
Keeping up with the Kardashians and Teen Mom.
{two} ear piercings on men: yes or no?
Hecks no.
{three} do you have dish or comcast?

{four} what's your favorite current fashion trend?
Sock Buns. Love them. Gotta have em. And that is EXACTLY why I will be growing my hair out ;)

{five} if you could learn to do anything, money not being an issue, what would it be?
How to take awesome pictures. I love pictures but I suck at taking them. Come to think of it, photography lessons would be an awesome gift someday (ehem, Phillip)

{six} red or white wine?
Red all the way.

{seven} what type of food is your favorite (ex. italian, mexican, etc.)
Italian then hispanic. The foods of my forefathers I guess?

{eight} hp or mac?
I don't have a mac (yet) and when I did have one I didn't care to learn how to use it but something tells me that if I got one now, I would just LOVE it. 
{nine} what color is your bedroom?
Bleh. That's the color. We're renting and painting is just not worth it right now. 
{ten} what's your favorite form of exercise?
Pilates, dancing and the elliptical

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