Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Black Friday.

For me, it's the most wonderful time of the year. It's my family's holiday. FOR REAL. Usually, Phillip and I head up to my parents, our family comes together with circulars, coupons and laptops to map out our plan. We schedule the morning perfectly and when the hour strikes, we are up with coffee mug in hand, in our cutest comfiest clothes (the ladies at least) and then... WE'RE OFF!

Ahhh Black Friday. I wait for it all year. This year will obviously be different since I'm a mama but we are still getting a plan together. I will probably not head out as early and Phillip will stay with Cruze and then maybe we'll switch after the wee hours shift. Around 10 am is when we all come home and chat about our deals and start cooking breakfast. Banana pancakes, eggs, turkey bacon, OJ, coffee, BISCUITS.... OK you get it. It's the best day EVER.

I'm not as into the electronics. I don't even mind if my deals aren't out of this world. It's the excitement of it all. Our tradition. FACT: when I was a young girl, my mom would quietly wake me up at around 4 AM without my brothers knowing and we would head out. We would go to Caldors (do you remember that store? I'm not sure if it was just a New York thing), a few other stops and grab some breakfast. It was magical I tell ya. MAGICAL.

Does your family have a Black Friday tradition? What deals are you hoping to get this year?

P.S. I don't do the crazy lines at walmart etc. I am not into shuving or being shuved.



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