Friday, October 26, 2012

This Weeks Shopping Finds: Baby Gap, Bloomingdales


1. I have a slight obsession with Baby Gap. But it's hard not to especially when they have great items on clearance PLUS and additional 40% off. Baby boy needed this stuff. He NEEDED it.

And yes, you read that right. We are now buying for 12-18 months. And yes. I had a complete sob fest in The Gap over the fact that these clothes look SOOOO big. I mean 12 months!!! He's almost wearing 12 months! My heart can't handle it sometimes.

2. Hollerrrrr!!!! How cute are those shoes?! Now... how awesome is that price?! I know, I know. If you didn't catch it in my Show and Tell linkup post from Monday, my philosphy for shopping is that I need to LOVE it and it needs to be a good deal. Check and check on these shoes, right?

Bloomingdales Outlet
Tyla Heel Bootie
Naturalizer Booties $28! ofcourse from Totsy

I decided against putting a picture of supermodels in bras ;) I can't wait to use my gift card next week!

Happy Friday!!!
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