Monday, November 12, 2012

Monthly Update: 8 Months

AHHHH EIGHT MONTHS. I just cannot believe it. He's been out of my belly almost as long as he was in it and that just blows my mind!
Sweet Boy, you have rocked our world in every way and have made a good thing so much better. You are really showing your personality these days. You make us melt with the way you squint your eyes and crinkle your little nose. You do this often to get a reaction out of us and it works each. and. every. time.


Mommy hasn't done much baby-proofing and shame on me because you are interested in everything. I thought we would've moved by now but the process has been slower than we expected so it looks like we need to baby proof NOW.


Sitting, crawling, standing OH MY. You have NO IDEA how hard this makes nap time. If you want to be with mommy and daddy you stand up and cry til we walk back into the room. And it works. Because?? You have fallen a few times and hit your head. This terrifies us!


Sleep - Still sleeping 11-12 at night but most night 11. This is SUCH a blessing. It's not easy to run a household on little to no sleep

Clothing Size - Some 6-12 month but mostly 12-18 months. I can't keep up with how fast he's growing and I've been going a little crazy with shopping. In my defense, they say babies start to slow down once they reach the 12-18 months size. I'll go with that.

Diaper Size - He's still mostly in cloth diapers (BumGenius Freetime) which we LOVE. For disposables he's in a size 3 but they're getting pretty snug

Loves - playing peekaboo, saying mama and dada, pulling up, soccer balls



Thank you for reading my blog! I love love love reading your comments. They really do make my day!

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