Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Project Baby Blog Is No More

Are (or should I say were?) you a reader of Project Baby? Well that makes two of us. However, Kristin's blog is now, no more. This week Kristin posted these words:

My heart is just not in this anymore. My heart is here at home. I have a lot of life goals and two of them are to be an excellent wife and an excellent mother. Not perfect…but to give it my all every day without distraction. It is what I have been called to do. This is where I am. Trying to manage a blog just DOES NOT FIT into my life right now, yet it’s looming over my head.

I started reading her blog just after her first baby was born and have also read along through her ups and downs of blogging. Whew, let me just say, some bloggy moms can be M-E-A-N. Seriously.

I won't get into all of the details because if you followed her blog then you already know. But what I will say (and wanted to say for so long) is that I simply cannot believe the nonsense that can go on in the blog world. Bullying at it's finest Ladies. What gets me is how, one person can express their thoughts and opinions just fine if it's what's popular but if another dares to share their thoughts on a topic and it's not what most people consider to be correct or right, then it's like the world just ended.

Freedom of speech. Look it up , it's in the thing - Amy Poehler in Baby Mama

And freedom of speech applies to BOTH sides of every argument.

Do I agree with all of her thoughts and views? Maybe. Maybe not. That's not the point. Really, are we not all in this together in one way or another? Do we not all have struggles, heartache, conflict? We do. All of us. And most of all, do we not all have the right to believe what we believe? To express what we feel is right not simply based on popular opinion but because we truly, from the bottom of our hearts believe it is, in fact... right??

That's all I will say, not because it's all I have to say but because I know everything has it's place and it's not really my place to defend someone I don't even know or to put down a group of people who I also do not know.

But to Kristin, I'm rooting you on girl, just like I am rooting on every mama out there who is doing all they can to heed the words found at Ephesians 6:4 to "go on bringing them [your chidlren] up in the discipline and mental-regulating of Jehovah".

I hope you find peace and joy in every decision you make, and go on being the fabulous mama many of us have grown to adore.


  1. I was a reader since about the time her first baby was born too...I'm soooo sad to not have her blog to read anymore but completely understand why she is stopping. I've always respected her boldness, but at the same time she is so kind and genuine. I respect her even more for following her heart and wanting to make a real difference in the world.

    1. So true. I think her boldness and honesty is something many people were drawn to.

  2. When I read that she wasn't blogging anymore, it definately made me sad. It's like reading some blogs become a part of your daily routine, and you read them so often that you feel like you know them. I agree that some mamas in the blogging world are just mean, and some aren't even mamas... just random people who feel like it's okay to make someone feel bad. People need to realize that they don't have to agree with one's beliefs or opinions, but you need to respect them as a person. You treat others the way you want to be treated. How quickly people forget this...even if you don't know them and only read their blogs.

  3. Agreed! I too feel like I know these bloggers that I follow. It's definitely a community of sorts.


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