Wednesday, November 7, 2012

WRITERS BLOCK! Where is this blog going?

Story of my life lately. I have things I want to talk about but either don't know how to start or second guess myself, not sure if anyone will want to read it. I do that a little too often actually. I have a whole list of possible posts or blog ideas... then I push it off not sure if it's a good idea or not and then? And then someone else does the same thing and it's a hit! Go figure.

So I will be rethinking the direction my blog is going in and try to find my place in the sea of Mommy blogs. I will try to find my courage to post the things that make me happy. That show who I REALLY am because I often wonder if I (ME) show through in the things I write. Do people really get who I am?

That will be my goal from here on out. To show ME, to allow myself to shine through in every word, picture and post. And I have an idea on how to get started with that... More info to come!

Also, what would you like to see from me?


  1. Post what YOU want to post, don't worry about your readers. Those of us who read because we want to get to know you will appreciate your honesty here. I'd much rather read someone who is really showing who they are here rather then someone who just write what they thing others want to read. I've loved following your journey into motherhood, so don't stop now!

  2. I completely understand how you feel hun! I have been going through the same thing for quite some time now.


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