Monday, January 7, 2013

"Girl, motherhood hasn't changed you one bit!"

Those words were said to me last month by my dear friend Jenny. She and her hubby were down for the weekend to visit with us. I looked forward to her visit for a while. There a few people in my life that I feel completely comfortable with. Completely. She's one of them. And since I have been married and living several hours away, I don't get to see her enough.

So when she came, I was clearly excited. I counted down the days and hours and when she rang the doorbell something happened. I was BACK! Me. The me who only Phillip gets to see. The me that I realize so many of my newer friends have no idea even exists. I laughed HARD, made silly jokes that didn't make sense, convinced her to do my hair for me, ate badly (BADLY).

"Girl, motherhood hasn't changed you one bit" - Jenny

When she said those words a million thoughts went through my head. I LOVED that I felt like my old self again - in front of someone other than my husband. But yes, motherhood has changed me in many ways. Mostly good. I have a greater love and appreciation for life. Just when I thought I couldn't be closer or more in love with my husband, then came baby. It proved me wrong. But then there are the few things that hit me hard. Like the fact that I'm home alone so often that I forget to laugh at life's silly moments. I have days when I realize AT NIGHT that I never looked at myself in the mirror. Not once. Not even while brushing my teeth! I'm not sure why but I forget to look at myself. Weird. It made me think how badly I long for myself. Motherhood is AMAZING. But I want my son (and one day, children) to see who Mommy really is.

So since those words, the ones that were said so casually but had such an impact on me, I made a goal. This year I'm bringing back me. And I will do this by:

playing the music a little louder than most people would care to hear
singing more than really anyone would like to hear. Except for Phillip.. right honey?? ;)
for a few minutes each morning I will focus on me, doing my hair, throwing on some mascara, clipping a hair accessory on, etc.
taking a class at the local college so that I can use my brain a little more and interact with people
the latte factor... I'm gonna backwards on this one and that's okay
fresh. air. enough said
trying out those lipstick shades at MAC that I've been eyeing and wearing it regularly

I'm sure there are a thousand more things I will think up along the way but that's a start isn't it?

What do you do to stay "you"?

p.s. I can't get pictures on blogger. Is anyone else having issues with that?

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