Thursday, January 3, 2013

Hindsight is 20/20: Part one

I often have moments where I think about how differently I will do things "the next time around". The next time I move, the next time I buy a car. Stuff like that, but more so... the next time we have the honor of welcoming another child into our family. I planned for Cruze like any mother would. I read every book I could get my hands on, I made check lists, I sat in his nursery for hours a week dreaming it up, dreaming HIM up. But there are things I didn't consider and if I had, things may have been a tad easier.

Like? How hard it would be to actually get out of the house with a baby. Man oh man, it was harder than I thought. I feared EVERYTHING. Seriously, everything. Just getting ourselves ready to go to the store takes atleast 30 minutes and I always find myself forgetting something. A blanket, a paci, HIS WIPES. Yes, that has happened. I was always worried I would forget to feed him (breastfeeding issues didn't help) or change his diaper.

When I did finally leave the house I was constantly in a panic. I didn't have friends or family close by to accompany me the first few times. And I guess not everyone has that but it would've been nice to have that option. I STILL don't feel all that comfortable hitting the road without my hubby to lend a hand or two. But looking back? I would've done it sooner. Even if it was just to go through a starbucks drive through. Just to feel human. It would've went a looong way I'm sure. I will keep that in mind next time. (Doesn't that starbucks thing sound like a great idea?? I might do it tomorrow, sounds like fun)

Healing would be harder than the labor and delivery. Don't get me wrong. His birth was no easy task but I wasn't educated enough on what would come after. I felt like super woman after Cruze was born. I tried to ignore the pain as long as possible and for reasons out of our control, I didn't JUST SIT DOWN. I didn't have the luxury of letting my body heal. I was walking in and out of hospitals, doctors offices and labs for blood work the day and week after we took little mister home. I can't say I would do that differently. I couldn't control that. But here are a few things I would've changed to help with it:

Stayed at the hospital an extra night. Cruze was in NO position to be let out of the hospital and us staying put would have allowed him to get what he needed without us running all over town.

NOT wear LEGGINGS when my baby was two days old. We had to run to the hospital and I thought, "these leggings will hold my mommy tummy in nicely". Ummm OUCH. And I was in them for SEVEN hours not realizing that we would be sent to three other places that day. Yeah.... So next time I'll be in a maxi dress.

Not dance around my room to make Phillip laugh. I was feeling a little too good while on pain meds but let me tell you ladies, it didn't help. Double Ouch. (actually now that I'm typing it out, that was kind of a great memory. The silly moments I had with my hubby when my guests were doing their own thing)

I would have spent more money. Yes you read that right. If you know me, you'd know that I like nice things. What you would also know is that I also like sticking to a budget. It's almost like I challenge myself. I took forever to pick a glider for the nursery because of the price tag. I didn't buy enough onesies, bibs, crib sheets, bottles. I made things harder on myself.

I did too much research. This also contributed to me not spending more money. I was always doing more research to make sure that I was buying the right thing. The best thing. The best deal. It screwed me in many ways I tell you.  I didn't by something as simple as a wipes case for my diaper bag. Seriously ladies, I was walking around with a ziplock bag for a couple months. I'm even having a hard time believing I did that myself. WHAT WAS I THINKING? It was a WIPES case. The decision shouldn't have been so difficult.

But I also know that no one can get it perfectly right the first time. Now that I've been through it? Now I know. I know what I want to do and don't want to do. What's a big deal and not a big deal. And then of course, I will add a million more things to my list "the next time around".

Part two will include the things I did that were right. The things I didn't know at the moment would make me happier, healthier and more confident. Stay tuned ;)

Is there anything you would have done differently?


  1. I'm just like you, I researched everything. In the end, I ended up with a recliner I don't even love just because it was bigger and cheaper than the gliders, and the stuff that was "so good" and a "must have" works just as well as the cheapo stuff (like wipes) that we've had to run out and get in a pinch.

    1. We had to return our glider because it was SO loud. I bet a cheaper one would've worked just fine lol. Oh well..

  2. I love reading your posts. You're such an awesome down to earth momma! My husband and I are hoping for baby in 2013 and this post had some great info for me, for us. I look forward to your next edition.

  3. I find myself doing that ALL THE TIME! I keep thinking of all the things I could/should have done... and I hear you on the research piece. I feel like I research until I exhaust myself and end up frustrated and confused... at some point I'll realize that it really doesn't make a difference... but I just can't help myself :)

  4. I have a one week old (today she's one week!) and haven't left the house (except for two doc spots for baby with hubby) totally going to Starbucks tomorrow!

  5. I didn't buy a wipes case either! I carried around one of those big packs lol. #1 I would have done perineal massage. It took me 4 months after baby until I could go to the washroom without shedding a tear. I also don't know how I could have avoided this - perhaps made a better registry? But I got a TONNE of nice, but rather useless stuff at my showers. Way too much clothing, a stroller I never use or used. I just have a lot of baby stuff I never bought and never used. I should have returned a lot! But I was worried about hurting people's feelings so now I'm doing the purge. Also - I would have spent more on a better stroller. I hate my stroller. And I use it all the time!


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