Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Houzzday: A Little Playroom Inspiration

Okay so yesterday I mentioned that we are getting close to owning a home for the first time eva. It's funny how having a child can make your house dreams go from amazing closet, perfect kitchen, and a media room to the best playroom you can think up and a house that is baby-proofed just right. So the playroom. Well the house we are buying is actually one of the smallest ones we've seen during our hunting process. This means getting creative and organizing in a way to make it functional and practical. Since the rooms are on the small end we decided to use what should be the formal dining room, as a playroom. This means it's not concealed from the rest of the house. This also means, the design has to flow with the kitchen, living room, etc.

What I'm going for is a room that is clean, crisp, fun, COZY, has room for toys and a way to make those toys hidden. Thank goodness for and Pinterest because it's the perfect way to gather all of my ideas. I'm hoping this helps me execute them when the time comes.

Clean. Crisp. Bright.



Eclectic Kids by Mill Valley Interior Designer Jute Interior Design

Because chalkboard paint WILL be involved somehow.

Source: via Eliza on Pinterest

Traditional Bathroom by Philadelphia Interior Designer Shoshana Gosselin


I was the kind of kid who imagined what her house would look like when she grew up. How I would decorate it and what kind of feelings I would want it to stir up. Warmth. That's my goal. I want a house that feels cozy and makes you want to take off your shoes and roll around on the floor. yeah....
And although my ideas on d├ęcor have changed drastically over the years, one thing has stayed the same....

A Window Seat.

One way or another, I will get my window seat. And that might just be in the future playroom.

Contemporary Bedroom by Minneapolis Kitchen And Bath Fixtures Ingrained Wood Studios: The Lab

 And all of this will be done on a budget. I cannot wait to share my progress along the way!
What do you think? Let's exchange some inspiration!

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  1. Ok you definitely have to have the window seat, chalkboard, and a tent!!! What a fun playroom!

    After your post yesterday I admit I spent hours one Houzz....tons of inspiration!


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