Wednesday, May 1, 2013

What I'm Loving: baby leggings for a steal and more!

We all know I love a good deal. So when I found these baby leggings on I couldn't help myself. Aren't they ADORABLE! And the best part??? The price (obviously). A set of three is usually $45 but if you purchase the deal on Eversave, it's only $15! AND it gets BETTER! If you create a new account (new email address) you get $5 so they would actually only be TEN DOLLARS for all three.

How great is that?!! I can't wait to get mine and watch Cruze run ALL OVER THE PLACE with his cute little decorated bum.

This deal could've actually made it onto one of my Baby on a budget posts. Remember that? I should definitely bring that back!
Next up are these diapers. I know, it's nothing exciting... except that it is! My son is a very heavy wetter and he's been waking up earlier (and earlier) because of a leaking diaper. Oh no girlfriend. This boy is gonna get his full 12 hours if I can help it. We tried a few different diapers, even the ones made for overnight but these honestly are the best. AND they're chlorine free and all that jazz. They're on sale at Babies r us right now too.

Source: via Eliza on Pinterest

Last but not least.... online fitness challenges. You know you've seen them... but have you tried it yourself? I've been doing the squats challenge and I love it! Especially since I started seeing results by day nine. Not too shabby!

So are you going to join us? Yes? Ok! :)

Happy Humpday! Now I'm off to study for a final exam and play with my babe... at the same time. It's going to be interesting.


  1. those leggings are so cute! and what a steal!


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