Tuesday, June 25, 2013

55 facts about us + ask me anything!

After having this blog for almost 2 and a half years I thought it was time to let you in a little more. Here are 55 (useless) facts about us. Enjoy!
  1. Peppermint Patties are her favorite candy. Can eat one every night
  2. He played soccer in school and was pretty good
  3. She loves to call him "Phil"
  4. He hates to be called "Phil"
  5. They met at 17, were engaged at 19 and married at 20
  6. She grew up knowing she wanted a family
  7. On their first "date" he told her how much he wanted to be a good father one day because...
  8. His father passed away when he was 4 and he wants to be able to fill that role for someone else
  9. She grew up in New York and although she's been in Florida for 12 years now, she's no floridian
  10. He has two brothers and two sisters
  11. She has two brothers and is the middle child
  12. When they were dating they talked about naming their one day daughter Isabella Mia
  13. They fight over who gets to do the laundry or mop
  14. He's a neat freak
  15. She loves that about him
  16. He's pretty reserved... until you get to know him
  17. She may seem shy for about 2 minutes but then you know...she's not shy at all
  18. They barely ever leave each other's side
  19. They lived in Bolivia for 6 months for volunteer work. It was amazing
  20. He likes action movies
  21. She loves romantic comedies
  22. While he was in high school and college, he ate ramen noodles almost every day to save money
  23. She refuses to allow fake food like ramen noodles into her kitchen
  24. He doesn't like to dance in public
  25. She will dance almost anywhere even if her moves are no good
  26. Even though he doesn't like to dance, he will dance with her in their living room to slow music
  27. This makes her happier beyond words
  28. They love love love chicken tender subs with buffalo sauce
  29. He was still in college for the first two years of their marriage
  30. She would fall asleep on his lap almost every night while he wrote papers
  31. They have yet to go on a real date night since their son was born
  32. She loves to steal his socks, he doesn't like it very much
  33. 5 years into their marriage and they still sleep intertwined...and wake up sore everyday because of it
  34. They call each other "nei"... it's a long story
  35. Another nickname he had for her was chinchilla
  36. She laughs at every single joke he makes
  37. They honeymooned in Mexico and have been back twice since
  38. She went to Paris with her family a year before they wed, she desperately wants to go back with him
  39. He always tell her how much he loves hers old lady hands (?!)
  40. She prefers heels to flats because they make her feel sassy
  41. His favor color is green, Hers is red... because it's sassy
  42. He is SUCH a good daddy, it was a role he was born for
  43. Her MIDDLE name is Eliza (WAIT WHAT?!?!?!?) 
  44. She's a sucker for family, he loves her love of family
  45. They just bought their first home and are over the moon excited to decorate
  46. She's a lipstick girl, not so much with the gloss
  47. They try to eat clean although sometimes (ok a lot of the time) they cheat
  48. They are doing their best to raise a god fearing child
  49. They also want to raise a child who is adventurous and happy
  50. He prays with his little family every night
  51. Their son clasps his hands together for the occasion
  52. She still gets butterflies in her stomach when he comes home from work... no lie
  53. They end every day cuddling on the couch
  54. Their both allergic to dairy but love it anyway
  55. They know they will be together forever and hope to always have the same crazy love they do now

this photo is from an old post but I have lost my camera cord in the move...

And now you know just a little bit more about us... If you want to know more, just ask away and I will dedicate a separate post to answer your questions ;) And please ask... or else I'll feel kinda silly


  1. such wonderful facts about you both. I like how you like to call him phil but he doesnt like it LOL


  2. I hate ramen noodles. And those little packs of MSG you sprinkle on top? Like, really? Cute post! We haven't had a date night either. In fact I think we've only ever been on 3 dates ever. What's your first name? Maria? (Guessing that cause every Spanish or Portuguese (like me) has Maria in their name somewhere).

  3. Ian liked Mia Isabella before we agreed on Emma!


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