Friday, June 21, 2013

Just Go With It.

This morning I was googling something when I stumbled upon an article on And then it hit me. It's been so long since I've landed on sites like ivillage because I don't google nearly as much. Gone are the days when I would worry so much about every little thing Cruze would do to the point that it would put me in a panic. Even the first time he spit up his milk I was worried. Really Eliza? I was a nanny before I got married so you would think I'd be an old pro. Yet somehow, everything still made me nervous. I always felt like something was terribly wrong. I wondered if that would ever pass. If I would ever be able to breath the same way again. I'm glad to say that the phase has passed. I didn't even notice that it was happening. But now is when I feel like an old pro. I go with the flow much more often and know that everything will be okay if schedules and meals get messed up to the point where they are less than perfect. It's a good feeling. Maybe baby #2 will be a breeze? Or maybe... the crazies will kick in all over again.
Either way, I'm so happy to be at this point. I'm happy to be able to fully enjoy my son without constantly worrying. We leave the house for the day without me running through his schedule in my mind 500 times or planning out every meal. We just go with it. And boy does it feel amazing.

and here is a picture of Cruze with my holistic Doctor... just one of those times I thought something was terribly wrong with my babe. He was just fine...

Happy Friday... Here's to a fun weekend of going with the flow, letting go of perfection and feeling free. You deserve it ;)

Below are a couple pics of the Mr. and I back in our Bolivia rock climbing days. Talk about being free!


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