Thursday, June 20, 2013

Houzzday: a new dining room

I am so loving having a place to settle down in after five years of moving around non-stop. I want my home to be a place to collect memories, spend time with friends and family and laugh over amazing dinners. 

We decided to use the official dining room as a playroom for Cruze since it is the only area where his toys can be separate from the rest of the house while still in plain view. Instead, we will be using the kitchen eating area as our only dining space. Because of this, I want a space that can hold at least 6 people comfortably while being able to transition from casual to a tad more formal with not too much effort. 

This is my little inspiration board for what will be our "dining room". I'm having so much fun picking things out for our new home and watching it all come together. Well... so far it's just the picking out part. I want it to be just right, so that means taking my time for each purchase.

Houzzday: a new dining room

Houzzday: a new dining room by babybound on Polyvore

What's important to you in a dining space? 

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