Saturday, June 29, 2013

Now that we live so much closer to Phillips job, we get to see him a lot more. He eats lunch with us just about every day, leaves to work later in the morning an comes home much sooner. We absolutely love it.

Today  a few days ago we met him for a quick lunch at Mimi's Cafe.

I used to think I would miss him less if I was able to see him more often for lunch, but I was wrong. My heart aches for him even more. I'm so happy to be married to someone who still makes me laugh so hard and gives me butterflies in my stomach.

Here are a few pics of that day and pretty much what most days have been looking like lately.

More and more, I have been needing to wake Cruze up from his naps in order to make it anywhere on time.

On our way (at a stop light) and showing off ma new bangs! I'm not so sure about them yet.

Daddy soaking up some extra Cruze time

LUNCH. My favorite sandwich from Mimi's. I was hardcore craving it that day.

Ummm... just for fun and because you clearly need proof that I eat french fries

Cruze going to town on some fruit.

Happy Weekend everyone! I hope you have some great plans. I know we do!


Thank you for reading my blog! I love love love reading your comments. They really do make my day!

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