Monday, June 3, 2013

Back to healthy we go

This weekend was one of my favorites in a while. It was relaxing and simple. It allowed us to focus on ourselves a little more. After a few months of feeling tired all the time, I realized that I had forgotten a very basic truth. We are what we eat. I don't know how or exactly when this happened, but in the midst of trying to figure out where to move and settle down, going back to school and so many other things, my mind let it go. Last week, after being smacked in the face by my poor choices in nutrition, we decided to get back to basics. To what I believe in when it comes to health and my body. We unpacked the juicer (which was packed for our move) and went to the health food store in an effort to kick start a healthier us.

On Friday we made yet another trip to the health food store and stocked up on some more live food. Instead of kicking back with a comedy for the evening, we watched two powerful documentaries. POWERFUL. Hungry For Change and Food Matters. It confirmed and solidified everything I already believed in when it comes to nutrition and health. If you're into this sort of thing, and especially if you're not, watch these documentaries. They will change the way you view health and wellness.

 photo DSCN9956_zpsfe0c268c.jpg
Chambray Twinsies

 photo DSCN9955_zpse663c9df.jpg
fixing his hair as I do 342,456,876 times a day

 photo DSCN9935_zpscc3b2a8d.jpg
Raw peanut butter - it just tastes better

 photo DSCN9942_zpsded9e258.jpg
chilling on our "date"

 photo DSCN9940_zps6ed161c9.jpg

 photo DSCN9939_zpsc061e657.jpg

 photo DSCN9947_zpsac483c2e.jpg
getting Cruze in on the action
 photo DSCN9938_zps3d659b62.jpg

 photo DSCN9960_zps908a6a6d.jpg
A good night indeed

We juiced for most of our weekend and had a few fantastic, vegan meals. I want Cruze to learn how to treat his body, to respect it. This starts with our example.

In this world, so much is beyond our control. But the truth is, when it comes to our bodies, we have so much power. We just need to use it wisely.

I hope you all had a great weekend as well and perhaps, this will inspire you to get back to healthy too! ;)

Much Love,


  1. Love!
    I'm feeling this at the moment.

  2. I just watched Food Matters after seeing Hungry for Change a few months ago! It really resonates doesn't it?! We're almost vegan and have cut out so much crap because of what we learned from these doc's (and the book Crazy, Sexy, Diet). I'm picking up David Wolfe's book "Superfoods" and freaked out today at the grocery store when I saw raw spirulina chips. Ha! Good for you for taking charge of your health and being a good example to your son!


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