Monday, July 29, 2013

This weekend was for

Vegan banana pancakes! Phillip was sick in bed all weekend but that didn't stop us from enjoying our pancake ritual.

A storybook costume party! I was so excited when cruze got his very first invite to a kiddie dress up party. He went as thing 1. I had so much fun making his little wig and watching him bop his head around with that fuzzy blue accessory on top. I really look forward to throwing parties like this one for Cruze as he grows.

I even joined in on the fun with a blue feathered clip, bright blue eye shadow and GLITTER. You can't really see the glitter in this picture but trust me, I was pretty sparkly.

Oh yeah... And fender benders. Phillip and I now have matching scratches on our car courtesy of.... ME :(

Good thing Phillip was a good sport about it. Either that or his sinus infection left him too impaired to care. Meh, whatever it is, I'll take it!


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