Thursday, August 15, 2013

My Preggo Dream-List

Pregnancy is such an amazing time in a woman's life. I was always the girl who dreamed of having a family - a loving husband who gave me butterflies and two or three babes. This pregnancy was "supposed" to come a few months later (more on that another time) but we are just so beyond thrilled to be expanding our family.

Since I'm kinda an old pro at this whole preggo thing... right? There are a few things on my wish-list already. Probably because I've been secretly planning for this to happen soon anyway. So here it is:

My Preggo Wish-List

Number one is PJ's from the Gap. Growing up, my mom always had to have us in matching pajamas from the gap. Even our socks and travel pouches had to match. She hasn't changed. I guess I got that from her. And there is just something about the gap... they make the most comfy clothes. I'm all about feeling comfy these days.
Two is a bath caddy. How gorgeous is that one from etsy?? I just love it. I have been really enjoying baths this time around (warm not HOT) and I would love something pretty to set my tea and a book on.
Three. Uh... HELLO. How cute is that workout tank?! I'm dying over here. I love when people notice I'm pregnant at the gym. I feel like I deserve a medal lol. Only half kidding. But seriously, I am in love with that tank.
Four. Ohhhh Isabella Oliver. Am I right? They have the hottest maternity clothes. I lusted over them the first time around and I'm back at it.

Five. These shoes need no introduction. Cute yet comfy. That's all.
Six. Last but certainly NOT least. This is actually at the very tippy top of my list. I want a Blanqi so bad. SO SO BAD. But this is a dream list for a reason. I'm not sure if my budget will allow. I even checked ebay but people just don't resell these often. Probably because they're that awesome.
So those are my few items... What are yours? I want to hear all about it. Really.

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  1. That Isabella Oliver shirt is SO cute and I have been eyeing those flats for a good year now!


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