Friday, August 16, 2013

We Had A Date! >>>> At Last

I know everyone wants to hear about my pregnancy. I will have a detailed post up for you early nexy week but first...

We went on a date! Just the two of us. My sweet sweet friend offered to babysit last minute and I surprised myself by taking her up on her offer. Cruze just loves her and she is someone I truly trust with my son. Since it was last minute, I didn't put much thought into it (or myself). I was out much of the day and came home from one of my doctors appointments just minutes before she arrived so I decided to keep my attire casual.

We went to a newly opened Japanese steakhouse close by and finished up the evening at an outdoor mall with a quaint little coffee shop. It felt so amazing to go out with my husband. I'm so glad she was the first person to really babysit him because my heart felt at ease the entire night.

 photo DSCN0666_zpsd077577e.jpg

 photo DSCN0672_zpsdec9543f.jpg

 photo 7c1ca2c8-ed77-47f0-8757-73d2743e635b_zps6ccd2ea9.jpg
I look tired because I was. But don't let that fool you - my heart was so happy

 photo 3bf03baf-6f84-47db-b9b4-14d9f2186e6b_zpsdb827ae0.jpg

 photo f74cd2e5-db25-4f9b-8a90-415b6a315151_zps3f0a1924.jpg

 photo 657b0f85-90af-4e46-9118-1eac37f3dbc1_zpsc931d4c6.jpg

It was so nice to have some time to talk about us, what we remembered from the moment we first saw each other, how excited we are for baby #2 and so much more. I can't wait to do this more often. Our souls need it.

 photo 2d469e34-b871-4c3a-a8c0-eb010e05f8bd_zpsc0cd63dd.jpg

That last picture is of me, Cruze and Krystina. He had a blast with her!


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