Thursday, August 8, 2013

Bump Style >>>> Olive Jeans and T-Shirt

It's {almost} fall and even though I live in the insanely hot state of Florida, I like to get in the spirit. This outfit originally had a pumpkin colored scarf but you know... pregnancy brain and all. I forgot it for the pictures. My olive colored jeans and brown accents are my way of welcoming fall.

Speaking of pictures. I realize I should really step up my game but right now, Phillip is the only photographer I can afford and those expensive cameras I'm lusting over? I decided to have a baby instead ;)

 photo bfc03b32-5a95-46be-83fd-5db65bf4dc56_zpsec3bdde1.jpg

 photo 2ad07452-657f-4052-96e9-996a3a020cc5_zpsbb553fb7.jpg

Jeans - a pea in a pod
T-shirt - gap maternity
Shoes - DSW
Bag - Express

Happy {almost} fall ladies!!! Woop woop!!!


  1. hELO! Nice post! ilove the dress and the jeans! Love alot!
    Great Job...


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