Wednesday, September 11, 2013

On embracing my body and throwing out the scale

I admit it. I'm of those women who are overly consumed with the number on the scale. I weigh myself often. Very often. When I learned I was pregnant again I "decided" that I wouldn't gain as much as I did the last time. I thought through my last pregnancy over and over again to try and figure out where I went wrong. How I put on so much weight while eating mostly healthy. I didn't work out for health reasons but I ate better than a lot of other people do. It's how I live my life. So I had this plan. To gain only 25 pounds this time by sticking to the recommended calorie limit and exercising daily. It was a good plan, I thought. But then today happened. I went to my ob appointment and learned that I gained 7 pounds in the last 5 weeks. I lost it. Lost it. I just couldn't understand why I would be gaining "too much" weight so quickly while eating right AND exercising.

A few months ago, I promised myself I would embrace my body and enjoy the beauties of pregnancy. Because, it really is such a beautiful thing. Yet somehow the whole numbers thing always seems to put me in a panic and zap my joy. The midwife said the same thing I've heard over and over again. My weight is fine, I look great, I'm healthy, try to enjoy this time. And while I get it and appreciate it so very much, I know that it has to come from me. I can't and shouldn't rely on others opinions. So I made the decision to put away the scale. I was right; I eat healthy, I work out (like a boss) and that's all I can do. Weighing myself won't change a thing unless I needed it to get me back on track. I am on track and it's time to just let go of my ideals and let my body do whatever it needs to do for my baby. My baby (still can't believe I'm having another baby!).

You will still see ig and blog posts from time to time talking about my workout routines etc but I don't think I will be documenting my weight gain. That's what the midwife is for, right? I'm healthy and I'm making it my goal to make that my focus. Wish me luck?

Love you all and thank you sooo much for reading!
p.s. this was supposed to post yesterday (?!?!?!) so my humpday bumpdate will be pushed to tomorrow.


  1. Good for you. I know excess weight gain can be frustrating but you really look great and doing exactly what you need to do. I am preggo with my first (12 weeks) and am kind of a nut about weight as well but I am really trying to enjoy this wonderful time.

  2. Love this. I needed to read it. THANK YOU. I may reference this in a future post if you don't mind.


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