Thursday, September 12, 2013

Hump Day Bumpdate >>>> {almost} 17 weeks

I'll be 17 weeks this Friday and I seriously can't believe it! Sometimes I still feel a little in shock with knowing that we're having another baby. But mostly, I just feel so blessed and very excited.

 photo 8d79f025-90ba-4c5b-b335-5a940af3762b_zps3649f072.jpg

Baby is the size of a: avocado

Cravings: Chocolate almond milk and oddly enough, my protein shake. I must say that the protein shake I drink is amazing. It's vegan, chocolate, and I blend it with almond milk, peanut butter and ice. YUM!

Symptoms: This whole fatigue thing just won't quit. Just when I think I've passed over the hump, it's right back to haunt me. I've also been extremely emotional and crying over the smallest things. ex. the time I finished my dinner but realized I was still hungry, that carter's commercial (have you seen it?) and all of the birth stories on Spearmint Baby

Weight Gain: Okay.. so this will probably be my last time even knowing my weight gain (if I have it my way at least) but 9 pounds. Yowza!

Best Moment this week: Last night Phillip was able to feel the baby move. It was non-stop kicks and jabs and rolling all over the place. I can't believe how fast it went from light flutters to full on movement that I can even see from the outside. This stuff, it never gets old.

Looking forward to: finding out whether this babe is a he or she (8 days to go!)


  1. How do you always look so cute in your pregnancy pictures??? Seeing you makes me want another one! A woman I work with brought in her 7 week old grandson yesterday and I just about lost it.

  2. Soon cute!!! I meant to comment on your last post... I wouldn't worry about the weight gain. I gained most of my weight at the beginning of my last pregnancy and it slowed down when everyone said it was supposed to speed up. Plus, I don't trust scales in two places: gyms and doctor's offices. People step on and off them all day long and who knows how often they've calibrated them. Plus, once you get there you're probably fully clothed with food in your belly. Sounds like I'm making excuses, haha, but I weigh myself first thing in the morning every morning and whenever I go to the doctor's office I'm like 4-5lbs heavier according to their scale. ;)

  3. Have you seen the Downey commercial with the tshirt? I'm not pregnant and it makes me want to cry! Haha! You look gorgeous!!


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