Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Hump day Bumpdate >>>> 20 weeks

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At our 18 week ultrasound we learned that we were actually 19 weeks which I pretty much knew already. It was nice to have it confirmed though after I was told that my dates were wrong. I mean, I was there when it happened... so I should probably know a little better than the ultrasound tech right? ;)

Baby is the size of a: banana

Cravings: Chocolate almond milk (still) and chocolate chip cookies

Symptoms: Fatigue and migraines - it's a daily battle. It's hard enough chasing around a toddler all day while pregnant, but the fact that my fatigue hasn't slowed down is making things extra tough. Other than that, I really do feel great. I just wish I could have more caffeine at times.

Weight Gain: Don't know, don't care. Ha! Well I don't know and I'm working on not caring. I'm doing pretty good though!

Best Moment this week: Telling everyone that we're having a boy! I'm so happy to finally know what we're having. Seeing his little profile and watching him move during our last ultrasound was amazing.

Looking forward to: working on the nursery. 'Thank you pinterest' is all I have to say! When I was pregnant with Cruze I would get so overwhelmed with the millions of ideas and possibilities for his room. This time, I narrowed it down pretty quickly and have even figured out exactly what changes I will be making in Cruze's "upgraded" nursery.

Oh and I'm already HALF way guys! I can't believe it! I'm really enjoying the entire process and the time I have left with baby boy in my belly. I'm excited to hold him but to be honest, I'm okay waiting and getting things together for now.

Tomorrow I am reviewing an online company who sells photography equipment and plenty other cool items for amazing prices so stay tuned!


  1. I may need to stop weighing myself, too. After all, as long as I'm healthy and my doctor isn't complaining, I need to stop caring. Why do people want to read that anyway?!

  2. Hi! VIsiting from To The Sea!
    I'm also expecting a little number two! So excited! And I totally, TOTALLY feel you on the weight gain issue. I don't really know how much I've gained, but I do care. A lot. Wish I didn't. But I do.


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