Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Hump Day Bumpdate >>>> 28 weeks

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Baby is the size of an: eggplant

Cravings: Cake pops from Starbucks. I've had them a total of three times since trying it a few weeks ago. It's probably the worst thing I've indulged in lately. Also, chocolate almond milk and my beloved protein shake. It's funny how excited I get when I realize it's protein shake time.

Symptoms: Very strong and frequent Braxton hicks, insomnia. My Braxton hicks are so much stronger this time, about the same strength as my contractions when I was in active labor with Cruze. Because of this and a noticeably lower bump, I was sent to the hospital today. Good news though, baby is okay. I just have to stay off my feet and no more holding my baby boy as much as I do. I have to say, not being in control of everything is very hard for me. But I know I need to do this so baby #2 can stay put for as long as he needs.

Best Moment this week: Cruze trying to say the baby's name! Oh yeah... we decided on a name. yay! I'm not sure when we'll be announcing it on the blog yet though.

Looking forward to: Seeing family tomorrow!

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