Friday, December 20, 2013

Bumpdate >>>> 31 weeks

 photo 84598988-1e6c-45c7-8aee-deff77a43b40_zps86915cca.jpg

Baby is the size of a: Pineapple! Whoa!

Cravings: Rum and coke. Not even kidding. I want one soooo bad. Also, I'm still craving those protien shakes. Crazy right?

Symptoms: This hasn't changed much. Strong contractions. This would be fine, I would even welcome them if they weren't so frequent. So I remain on modified bedrest while my husband does almost everything for Cruze and I.

I really really miss working out. I was told not to even take light walks. I feel like I'm turning into mush as I type this. I want to do squats SO bad. There's a sentence I thought I'd never say!

Best Moment this week: Cruze has been so aware of other babies lately. He even started referring to his beloved teddy bear as "baby" while he rocks it.  

Looking forward to: our ultrasound in two (?) weeks. I'm having some trouble keeping up with dates lately. Also looking forward to hosting more get togethers at our house before baby comes. I know our worlds will be a bit hectic for a while after he arrives so I really want to take advantage of this time to plan and have some fun. Since I can't leave the house too often, having people over seems like the best option.

Happy Friday everyone! Tonight I'm hosting a little game night with a... HOT CHOCOLATE BAR! I'm just a little excited about this ;)



  1. You look great momma. No mush from where I'm looking.

  2. Take care of yourself and that new little boy girlie! You're looking great!

  3. You look beautiful! I hope your contractions let up, I know how tiring that can be. Cruze sounds just adorable. :)

    1. PS You have been tagged! Go here if you want to accept. :)


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