Monday, January 27, 2014

Girlfriend Talk

I'm in desperate need of a chat with girlfriends so I figured, why not do it here? I've read some "coffee shop talk" posts from other bloggers and I really enjoy them. Something about those normal, everyday topics draws me in. So if you and I were to get together for a coffee or lunch date, this is what you would hear me talk about...
  • We are in the final stretch of this pregnancy. We're soooo close to meeting our baby boy and while I spent a big portion of this pregnancy panicking over handling two babes, I am beyond excited. Something happened this week where I switched from feeling nervous and underprepared (because I was!) to feeling giddy and much more confident. I'm so ready for this. Soooo ready.
  • Bed rest is really taking a toll on me. I'm pretty miserable with sitting on the couch while other people chase after Cruze and put away my dishes. I just want to jump up and mop the floors, organize the new nursery, go the gym. It's getting to me. But I also know how important it is to keep baby boy in me until it's safe for him to be born. This is what keeps me going.
  • I am so beyond grateful for our congregation. They have stepped up in a way that I would have never dreamed of. When they got word that I was having a hard time, they came together to arrange help for us. Right now, I have someone here every morning until 1pm. At that time, Cruze goes down for a nap until 3:30 which is when Phillip comes home from work to take over (his boss is pretty awesome too!). These words will stay with me forever, "as a congregation, we have to be there for each other. One day you'll need to help someone else but right now, it's your time to be on the receiving end." Makes me think of this scripture...
"Look! How good and how pleasant it is for brothers to dwell together in unity!" Psalms 133:1
  • I have way too many started and yet to be completed DIY projects going on. I have a closet with a shelf designated to undone projects. Oy. But let me tell you, when I finally do get around to them, they will be amazing ;) I'm currently working on a project for the nursery and I really hope I can finish this one.
  • Cruze is such a good boy. Can I just brag about that for a second? I know I'm his momma but he really is just so good. He's so quick to say "peeeeeze" and "Gank You" at all the right times. He will play quietly for hours on end and sleeps so so well. He rarely ever throws tantrums. Actually, I think he's only ever thrown one. Sure he gets fussy from time to time but that's as far as it goes. He also started saying "I Yuv You"  a few months ago and will even go back and forth with Phillip and I "NO, I YUV YOU!".

  • And finally... I missed the Grammy's last night you guys. This is so not like me. Who wore what?! I need to know! I sure hope E News can get me all caught up tonight.
Thanks for being a listening ear ;) What would be on your list of things to chat about?


  1. This is such a great coffee shop talk post!!! I'm so happy and grateful that your congregation has stepped up to help your family. That is such awesome news!!!! Hang in there girlie!

  2. Amazing that your congregation stepped in to help!

  3. I love these posts, too. I'm glad you are surrounded by so much love and support. I can't wait to see your little guy on here. Wish we lived closer so we could have play dates!


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