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Preparing For Baby #2 | It's been a slow process

Yes it has been. Very slow. In fact, by this time in my pregnancy with Cruze we were prepared enough to welcome him if he came early. Not 100% "done" with everything I wanted to do but I knew, if he came, everything was in place for him. This time is different. Partly because this pregnancy has been a little tougher with bedrest and all, then there is the challenge of chasing after a toddler (while on BEDREST I might add) and then there is the fact that time just escaped me. I have no idea how that happened. I got so used to saying when people ask me when I'm due, "in February, so yeah... I have a while to go". But then about a week ago it hit me while saying that line yet again, I don't have a while to go. It's coming - FAST. NEXT MONTH! I had a little bit of trouble wrapping my mind around that. I realized it was time to get our butts into gear and start preparing things - fast.
Labor, delivery and the days that follow
Thank goodness for the husband I have that helps to put things into perspective. He knows exactly what to say to calm my nerves. Last week was all about getting myself mentally ready for what's ahead. Not just the newborn thing but, the labor thing. I was (still am) scared you guys. I don't want to go through that process again. But I am happy to say that I feel a tad more ready now than I did just last week. We've watched and rewatched the business of being born series (which is on netflix) and have spent a lot of time talking about my expectations and what I plan to do differently this time. When you know better you do better, right? Speaking of that series, I really do recommend watching it if you are a mama to be. Especially if you're a natural minded mama to be. But either way, it's good to know your options.
I have made some more purchases for my hospital bag. Things I know will make me feel more comfortable. I had a good chat with my OB about the things I need to be different this time around. I have lowered my own expectations for how quickly I will be up and about and have decided that I will not be in a rush to leave the hospital until I know FOR SURE that my baby is ready to go home. That my friends, was a nightmare. We left the hospital too soon. And we all suffered because of it.
I am also setting up a "after the hospital" kit for the things I should have had handy last time but didn't. I will be doing a seperate post for my recommendations for what I think every mama to be should have in that kit.
The Nursery

 You guys, I haven't even started his room! I feel so bad about this but Phillip has assured me that we will get started by the end of this week. Things I have purchased include his crib, changing table, stroller. So that's a start. We just need to start putting everything together.
I already picked the decor I want, but again... I have to actually get it and put it together. Since I can't drive much and I have ZERO family close by who can help with Cruze, I am limited to evenings and weekends with Phillip.
Maternity Pics
I still haven't done maternity pictures and this really bothers me. I want all of the same excitement that we felt with Cruze. I was SOOO happy with how those pictures came out and will cherish them forever. The problem is, I don't know of a good photographer close by and if I did, I'm sure it would be wayyy out of my price range. We shall see I guess.

Baby Shower

 I'm really excited because I actually am having a baby shower. And the person who started it all is a new friend of mine. We have only lived in our new area for 6 months so to have someone who wants to do this for me makes me feel so special. As you can see, I'm not against babyshowers for second (or third) babies. To me, it's not about the gifts, it's about the memories and the build up for such an amazing time your life.
It's still a little hard to believe that my little baby who is just the center of our universe will no longer be an only child. That's crazy to me. I'm planning on getting some big brother books for him to get him excited. He knows that there is a baby in Mommy's belly but I'm sure he doesn't completely get it. Other ways we are preparing is by baby proofing our house better. After being put on "modified" bedrest, we realized how important and helpful it is to have baby locks on every door. Seriously, it has helped me immensely. So we're doing a lot more toddler proofing so that things are just that much easier when baby arrives.
As in, Phillip and I. We need a serious date night or two before we become a family of four. I also requested a day of me time sometime before my due date. Actually, Phillip has been urging me to do this for some time now and reminds me often that I should do it more often. Bless his heart :) But it's becoming very real to me that SOON I will have an even harder time walking out the front door solo. On my list is a prenatal massage, a little bit of shopping, dinner with other mama friends, mani pedi oh... and sleeping in til 12. Yup, that's on my list.
I still have a ton to do but there's definite progress. Mentally and emotionally, I feel so much more ready than I did just a few weeks ago. After going through this one time before, I'm not expecting easy. There is no way you can prepare 100% for something like this especially since each experience is different. But I'm ready for the way our lives are about to change and trying to be realistic with my expectations and doing my best to learn from the past.
Phillip holding Cruze for the first time - oh my heart!
If you're a mom or mom-to-be, how have you prepared for your new blessing?


  1. I think I waited till the week that I gave birth to actually take my maternity pictures haha. I had a friend do them and they turned out great. I thought I had every little detail planned. Had this lovely vision of my birth and the days following. Well my water birth turned into a birth surrounded by 20 in a tiny bright white room with baby coming out the wrong way out my lady parts haha. Then we had an extended hospital stay. Oh man. But after the dust settled and I realized you just can't prepare for something's I felt great. Everything went as it should, it was all perfect for me, my husband and baby girl. I wouldn't change one tiny thing. You're doing great! But take time for yourself, alone with your husband and alone with your baby boy

  2. You so deserve that me time! I only wish I lived closer so I could enjoy it with you.

  3. Its amazing how you find the time to be a mom and be yourself. Mommies are made to fit right into the role... with the first, second, third .... Well after 3 I can't comment lol.... I realized that having pre-teenaged girls (that also needed to feel needed) around really helped. They would enjoy going to the mall, lunch, ice cream etc. so don't be afraid to bring an extra person around. Also, you will be surprised how much your family will pitch in so pay Grandma a visit more often lol. Oh and don't forget that alone time with each kid makes them feel special. My youngest still remembers when I spent the day in MGM studios with him alone, and my daughter... many mommy and me days.


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