Thursday, January 9, 2014

5 things that are making me immensely happy

The way Cruze takes me by my hand to take me places. Whether it be to play with him, open a door, give him something from off the counter. I just love how he leads me. And how he needs me. Love it.
Bed rest. Okay not really bed rest or the restrictions that come along with it but, I'm loving this time that I have to spend with just my first born. The opportunity to give him my undivided attention before his baby brother comes and rocks our world.
My home. This is something that is so special to Phillip and I. It took us 5 years of being married to finally figure out a way to settle down. I love every experience we've shared as a couple and new family but boy oh boy, does it make me feel so good to have a place to feel at home. I feel so blessed.
I have a baby inside of me. For a person who was told that she may never be able to have children, it's just so amazing to be carrying my second child. Feeling him roll around, those little hiccups. It's just magical.
New PJ's! I'm not even kidding. My second pajama set came in the mail last night from Victorias Secret and I cannot wait to pack my hospital bag with it. Or perhaps... It's just the idea that I'm getting ready for baby boy and am finally starting to feel more prepared/optimistic about this upcoming birth experience.
And here's a bonus one. I am so happy to have readers who encourage me in their comments when I need it most. Thank you so much for reading and showing your support!
What's making you beyond happy lately?



  1. One thing that makes me so happy is seeing Max and Emma interact with each other. When they play together it's like they are the only ones around and they get caught up in their adventure. It's the best and makes my heart want to burst!

  2. Those all are great reasons to make you happy :) My little one leads me places and it is the cutest thing to me as well. And I am not yet pregnant with my second but can't wait for that day to come. There is something so absolutely special about carrying a baby and I am so glad you have been able to...such a real blessing :)

    PS - I nominated you for a Liebster Award on my blog!!!


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