Thursday, January 16, 2014

Push Gift Ideas | Relaxation

While we're expecting a new baby we get spoiled don't we? Everyone is quick to open doors for us, throw out countless compliments and smile every chance they get. When baby comes the attention quickly shifts from mama to baby (and rightly so!). But giving birth is no easy task NO MATTER what method you choose. It's all hard work. So a push gift sounds pretty appropriate right? If you've never experienced the "glory" of labor and delivery then you might not get why a push gift is necessary. Having been through it once though, I totally get it! And now I know, us mamas are so worth a little spoiling.
I have a few lists of ideas in case you need any. Feel free to leave your computer on this page so your significant other can see it... accidently. ;)
Today's Theme is Relaxation
If you're the kind of woman who likes to get a little pampered every once in a while, then this is the list for you!

Push Gift Ideas | Relaxation

1// The Clarisonic - I already talked about this on the blog but I am really loving my Clarisonic. Not just for the improvement it's making in my skin. Taking a minute or two out of my night to close the bathroom door and focus on my skin care with such a cool little tool, it just does something for me. Every mom should have a small moment of the day when they just focus on themselves. Trust me, it goes a long way
2// Spa Treatment - the could be a massage, a facial or a mani-pedi. Whatever it is, a day (or an hour) of pampering is perfect for a new and likely, exhausted mama.
3// For the mom who doesn't want to leave the house without her new babe (hey, that was ME!) a little treat like this Laura Mercier body scrub is great. You (I'm looking at the dads) can make up your own conconction if you prefer. Actually, one day when Cruze was itty bitty, Phillip came home with a bunch of stuff from the grocery store and stayed in the kitchen working something up after dinner. I had no idea what he was doing until he came out with a bowl with a home-made face mask and told me he wanted to put it on me and let me relax for the evening. My face was glowing afterwards and his thoughtfullness meant the world to me. And yes, it was VERY relaxing.
4// Pajamas - new moms are often in jammies or loungeware while caring for their newborn. Luxurious pajamas make that reality a little nicer.
5// Foot Spa - a great way to unwind when baby is down for the night. OR when someone else offers to hold the baby for 20 minutes.
What's would be on your dream list for a push gift?


  1. I need to look into the clarasonic! Is it okay for sensitive/dry skin? My husband and CT gave me a massage gift card for my birthday - I think I might save it for right before I go back to work. Great ideas!

  2. I just recently came across Juno Lucina - the original push gift. It's a perfect!! It has a silhouette pendant symbol as the hands of the mother who cradles and protects the head of child. Gold and diamond jewelry. It's such a cool concept and personalized. I think every new or old mom should wear this to show the meaning behind how hard it is to go through a pregnancy. Check it out!!


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