Friday, January 31, 2014

Surviving Bed Rest... or trying

Oh brotha. I am reallyyyy struggling with this whole bed rest thing. I'm over it. SO over it. On the one hand, I am beyond appreciative for all the love and support that our friends are showing us. Their help during this time is something we will never forget. I truly believe they saved this baby from being born FAR too early.
But you guys, I need to go out. I need to watch my son play at the park. I need to walk through Target. I don't know how some women do this for months. Yet I also realize that once this baby comes and I'm having nights of no sleep and possible breastfeeding issues or dealing with jaundice, I'll be wishing that I took more advantage of this time. Time to relax and let others take care of me without feeling like a 3 year old child who constantly wants to just say,
"No. I do it!"
We're almost at the finish line though. In fact, I'm 37 weeks today! Yay for fully developed lungs. Right?? My heart is so much more at ease knowing this. I feel like it deserves a celebration. Maybe one can go down tonight in the aisles of Target?

Sometimes it helps to be a little silly. Just trust me on this one.

Pretending to be all sophisticated with a cup of tea. But who am I kidding? It's apple juice. I've been loving me some apple juice this week.

Happy Friday!  



  1. You're adorable! So glad you are 37 weeks. If nothing else I say that deserves a virtual celebration at Target!

  2. Your apple juice is cracking me up lol So glad to hear that you've made it to 37 weeks! No more risks of preterm labor!!!! Wahooo!!!! Soon you'll have that little boy in your arms and you'll be running all over the place :-)

    PS for being on bedrest you look pretty darn good!

  3. So glad you made it to 37 weeks and that you have the support and love to allow you the bed rest this baby needs. Good luck, and enjoy that apple juice :)


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