Thursday, January 30, 2014

Bump Style | Suuuuper Casual

Let's be honest here. I've been on bed rest which means that the majority of my "outfits" consist of PJ's and... socks and a hair tie. Exciting I tell ya. But on Tuesday I was allowed to leave the house (finally!!) even if it was just for a Doctors appt. I'm officially listening to my doc and hubby's advice and keeping the shoes lowwww to the ground. I'm a heals person so this is proof that I will do whatever it takes for this little babe ;) 

I didn't glam up by any means. I mean, I couldn't even wear a wedge! But I wanted to document my outfit since I don't know when my last preggo day will be. 

 photo 13ecd1a0-ff37-4545-a944-16c48f931f9c_zps17b16db2.jpg

 photo 405d2e3b-03ef-4cb4-a190-1eff8cc4bbd0_zpsf170224e.jpg

 photo d218a7ac-7a06-4a5b-8e31-0c89f2eb05d9_zpsb6fe20bb.jpg

 photo 52629b16-237c-4259-8c56-37de4bf47c5d_zpsc1683e57.jpg
Hat and Necklace - J Crew // Shirt - Alternative Apparel // Shorts - Gap Maternity // Shoes - DSW 
//  Purse - Coach and super old

I feel pretty silly posing for pics like these as you can see in my face in this last photo. I'm working on that. 

On a different note: I NEED to get out of this house! Maybe I'll take advantage of those wheelchairs at Target tonight....


  1. Seriously girl, you still look super glamorous to me lol

  2. You look great! I hope you are feeling well. How exciting you will have a new little one very, very soon!!


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