Friday, May 30, 2014

I Hope I Always Remember | May

As a mom I often find myself thinking, "oh how I hope I will always remember this moment, the way he did this, the way I felt when..." One of the most amazing things about blogging is that you can record memories that you want to keep forever. Like a journal, but better.

This series is my attempt to 'always remember' the subtle moments in time that take my breath away.

I Hope I Always Remember...

The way Cruze looks at my mother. He just adores her.

 How excited he was when titi Millie brought him this train set (and easel, and table and chairs). He plays with this set all day long.

The intense stares this baby boy gives me when I pull the camera out. I can't really tell what he's thinking. But he's thinking...

 The look on Cruze's face when we took him to the beach for the first time of the Summer. He walked slowly until his toes were in the water. And from that point on, it was heaven for him.

I'm pretty sure he thinks of my mom as his property. I don't blame him. She's a great Mima (and lets him get away with everything). She also sneaks him cookies when I'm not around. I suppose this helps a bit too. I'm so glad I caught this moment on camera.

How I left the house upside down and threw away my to-do list to meet up with my mom and aunt on their girls weekend. The ocean water was therapeutic. I need more of this kind of spontaneity in my life. I'm working on it. Also, that's my baby in that wide brimmed hat below... love it

Seeing my son laugh and play so hard all day long. Giving him that bonus time in the pool just made his day. Therefore it made mine too.

The way he lays in his tent with his feet waving up in the air while he plays with his toys. I made that tent, have I mentioned that?

And yes, there is a random potty in his play room. It's become a carrier of toys for him... I hope I always remember that too.

The little reminders that we are a family who love on each other so hard. I sure did pick the best dad for my boys. And that I know I will always remember.

And hey! It's the weekend! I hope it's a good one for you all...


  1. Love this series! How did you make that tent?! I want one!


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