Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Sarasota getaway

On Sunday my mom and I decided an overnight trip to Sarasota was in order so we both rushed to our homes, packed as fast as we could and met up at a hotel which surprisingly, had rooms available. It was something I desperately needed. No meals to cook, no laundry to fold and no calories to count. Everything is calorie free while on vacation, right??
Sarasota is about an hour and a half drive from us but it feels worlds away. I love the laid back attitude and the beautiful views.

Cruze spent almost the entire day in the ocean water with Phillip roasting away while I lounged with baby Caleb under an umbrella with a pina colada in hand. Florida is mighty HOT this time of year but the shade of the umbrella combined with the blissful ocean breeze is the perfect combo for enjoying the outdoors with my newborn babe.
My soul needed a day like this.

Prior to this beach day, we got off to an... interesting start at our hotel. After we were given our room number and key, we had the pleasure of walking into a room that was still in USE. The current guest was showering (and singing) as we barged in. Good thing he was singing too loud to hear us while we did an about face and ran out of there. Has anyone seen What Happens In Vegas? Yeah, I felt like I was about to live out a scene from that movie. Needless to say, we had room service for breakfast.
{iPhone photos}

Also, if you're wondering where I am for most of this post... I'm the girl behind the camera all day err day.



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