Wednesday, July 9, 2014

I Hope I Always Remember | June

Some moments from June that I hope to remember forever
Those lazy mornings that happened a little more often than usual.

The way Cruze views our entire home as his playground. I love that he's building memories. I even love the messes he makes along the way. Really, I do.

How he must always have at least a few of his toys with him at all times. And the way he piles them on his little garage. He will spend what seems like forever to get them 'just right'

His energy. If only I could bottle it up. Most of the pictures I have of him are a complete blur. He's so full of life and it makes my heart so happy.

Caleb's first time in the bumbo. And the way his eyes look when he stares at me. Also, baby feet!!

Potty training. I waited longer than I ever thought I would but I'm okay with that. I decided a while back to stop comparing myself to others and this refers to parenting as well. To be honest, I hope I will always remember this tiny victory of mine.

I mean, this is how we got him to start. It makes me laugh to look at these pictures knowing that I will one day be showing them to his tweenager version.

Seeing my husband sleeping with one or both of our babes. He's going to kill me for posting this but I just had to. And Caleb's chubby hands... heart explosion...

Passing things down from Cruze to Caleb. Like this jumper. It brings back so many memories of Cruze as a tiny little babe. And I feel so beyond blessed to be able to walk down this road again.



  1. ah your family looks so cutie!


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