Sunday, September 7, 2014

my life according to our webcam

I know, I know. It's been a long time. Like, a looooong time. As many of you already know (if any of you are still reading this silent space of mine) I started a clothing line. And let me tell you, with two babies and a new business, I have been BUSY. But nonetheless, I don't want this blog to be a thing of the past. This is my space to record our memories in the making. My journal, my photo album, my (one day) walk down memory lane. I want to keep it alive. So I am going to work on that. Not because I think it will ever become a business for me. Not because my writing is just so good that you all benefit from reading. Simply because this is one thing I do for me. My ahhhhh at the end of a long day.

Today I am sharing with all of you (all two of you?) some mostly never before seen photos from my webcam. I've had this laptop for about five years now and throughout that time, I've used my webcam only two handfuls of times. But I think there is some beauty in that. These are tiny glimpses of my life that, in those moments, I felt like I wanted to capture. Some? I'm not so sure why? Others? Oh my heart. Something happens inside my heart when I look at them. So here we go... yo.

That one time right before I headed out the door to cut off all of my looong hair. It's kinda funny how much I started to love my long hair in the minutes before cutting it.

Those six months that we spent living in Bolivia. Specifically, this very day when we learned that we were F I N A L L Y pregnant with baby numero uno. I still remember so clearly how much my legs were shaking when I saw that oh so faint, pink line. Pure bliss.

And then back to the U.S. we went where I continued to bake my tiny bun in my not so tiny oven. This tiny sweater? It was a gift from my dear friend Anna whom I met while living in Bolivia for our miracle baby. It still hangs in his closet. And soon? It'll be worn by baby numero dos. I have TWO kids. TWO! Sometimes I still can't believe it.

Oh you know... a little fun (?) after shooting a pregnancy update video...

LONDYN!!! My sweet niece Londyn at just a few months old. She's three now you guys. How?!

And my brother....

That belly... I can't quite tell what I was thinking in this picture. But I'm pretty sure I was really realllllly tired. no?

More random pics of me while pregnant with Cruze. I think I was attempting to make a pregnancy update video that went terribly wrong.

This little chub. I can't believe that those cheeks are no long so puffy. But it was just like yesterday!Again, how??

I don't even know. But I'm going to be 100% honest here and say that there are like 10 more just like this one. Okay, more like 20.

Oh the joys of having a baby that is so perfectly sleep trained... Every night from 8:30 on was ours. Just us. It felt like we were on a date night in our living room. Every single night. It's crazy how much having a second (non sleep trained) child, a new business and a hubby that is BACK in school has changed things. I'm so glad I have these pics though. It's a good reminder of what we need to get back to.

And since I already mentioned a video that went terribly wrong... my attempt at a makeup tutorial... that went TERRIBLY wrong haha! I blame it on the lighting. And not having a good camera. And who knows what else. It's a fun thing to look back and laugh at.

And somehow there was a HUGE gap that led to this. Me. Preggo. Bedrest. OOF. But cute PJ's right?

Me making a duckface. 

Me drinking tea?

And the thing that led me down this little walk through memory lane.... Me tonight. Playing around with the webcam. Making a duckface. While drinking tea. Some things never change.


  1. Love these! I just stumbled upon your clothing line insta and had to come see why I hadn't seen you on my blog newsfeed! Now I know why!


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