Thursday, December 11, 2014

My Everyday Look

So I figured since my blog is supposed to be about Life + Style + Babies, I should maybe start adding in some actual style posts. What do you think? I've always wanted to do outfit posts but normally talk myself out of it because I don't like the pictures, I feel silly posing by myself (but selfies in the mirror are totally ok. Weird right?) and well, I don't have a photographer following me around. But enough with the excuses. This blog is a place to (sporadically) post about my life. And that includes what I wear.

My style over the years hasn't changed all that much. I mean, my budget has so I guess that effects what I put on but overall, I think I've been doing the minimalist thing before it was considered the thing to do. If you look in my closet you will notice a theme. Lots of shades. Lots of neutrals. With a few pops of color. And I like it that way. It makes it easy to get dressed and things mix and match well without much effort. Plus, black. It's slimming. And I like slimming.

I will say though that, now that I'm a mom, comfort and ease are a much more important part of the equation than they used to be. I need to be able to run after a super energetic toddler with a 20-something pound infant on my hip. Seriously, I'm living my dream. And I don't even mean that sarcastically. But nonetheless, I am busy and moving all. day. long. My clothes need to be compatible with that kind of lifestyle. These pictures were taken at the end of a looong day with sick babies and I had literally been wearing it for about 10 hours straight.

*please excuse the picture quality! There just wasn't enough light out and I'm still trying to figure this camera out.

graphic sweatshirt with skinny jeans and loose waves

This JoyBound Apparel Pullover was the very first piece of my clothing brand to come to life. And I LOVE it. It's ridiculously soft, can be dressed up or down and sends out a good message - to others and myself. Gotta love that! As I continue to shed those pregnancy pounds, it's getting to be on the baggy side but I don't plan on going down a size until I reach my prebaby weight. Or until I can keep some in stock. Whichever comes first I guess haha.

Grey Pullover with black skinny jeans

The bag I'm holding is sooooo old. I think I've had it for 8 years and I still love it. I knew when I bought it that it was sturdy and would stand the test of time. It sure has. 

red lips, loose waves, grey black

I honestly don't wear a ton of accessories. Not everyday at least. Most of the time, I just don't think it's necessary. I would like to invest in a cute pair of studs for my ears and a classic and versatile necklace one of these days (or years) but for now, you will most often see me wearing my wedding rings and my crown. The JoyBound crown that is ;)

So that's my super simple, every day look for ya. I seriously wear this or a similar version of this outfit almost everyday. From errands to park dates with my boys to going out to eat as a family. Just change the shoes out, switch up the lip color and it can work for whatever I'm doing. Plus, it takes the guess work out of getting ready which is great for a mom on the go!


  1. I loved your line "I'm living my dream...and I don't mean that sarcastically." I'm a mom of two and I totally agree! Though I must say, you are far more stylish than me...I think I've gotten on of my sweats or pajamas only a handful of times since my second was born... 7 weeks ago. Yikes.

    Love your blog! I've been reading it since you were pregnant :)


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