Monday, December 19, 2011

At This Very Moment: I am grateful

At this very moment I am in love so deep that I cannot find a single word that even begins to come close. I am in awe at the moving boy inside of me. My body and soul warms with every twist and turn. I can barely contain myself. I ask myself often, "can this really be happening?". Life has brought me to such a magical moment. When I first met my husband and began to fall deeper and deeper in love with him I dreamt of this day. I was experiencing a love beyond words. The kind of love that makes the heart ache. Now, I get to feel it in a whole new way. I hope I never take this for granted. With every pain that may come my way during my pregnancy and labor, I pray that I remember the beauty of this moment - 10 months of experiencing a miracle. At this very moment I am beyond thankful for this amazing gift.


  1. how wonderful for you! I was so young, single and stressed with my first that, yes, I enjoyed my pregnancy, I was thankful for her, but I didn't relish it as much as I could/should have. I hope and pray that God gives me a second chance (soon).

  2. I hope you get that second chance too! I'm sure you will.

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